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    Our pricing is simple, transparent and adapts to the size of your classrooms.

    • Number of Exams (50)

    • Number of Exam Groups (500)

    • Number of Users (100)

    • Number of Participants (5000)

    • Question Bank Size (Unlimited)

    • 54 more features
    • Number of Exams (1500)

    • Number of Exam Groups (5000)

    • Number of Users (3000)

    • Number of Participants (30000)

    • Question Bank Size (Unlimited)

    • 54 more features
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    • Number of Exams (Call)

    • Number of Exam Groups (Call)

    • Number of Users (Call)

    • Number of Participants (Call)

    • Question Bank Size (Unlimited)

    • 54 more features


    Breakdown of features




    User management & Social
    Bulk Import Users
    Nested group support
    Group Access Management
    Deactivate users
    Role support
    Share exam and group join link
    Share to Google classroom
    Custom roles
    Question Studio
    Create Various Question Types
    Question Bank
    Organizing Question Bank (Shelves)
    Add Multi Media
    Question Tags
    5 Question Types
    Mathematical Equations
    RTL support
    AI Question generator
    Generate by raw text
    Generate by docx file
    Generate by type
    Select target language
    Direct export to Question Studio
    Exam Creation
    Add Questions
    Select Group
    Share to social
    Randomization and shuffling
    Question Organization (sections)
    Exam Time limit
    Section Time limit
    Relative Time limit
    Large scale support
    Assign weights to sections
    Select Scoring system
    Bulk import questions
    Suspend exams
    Archive or Delete exams
    Exam Report
    Automated Grading
    Manual Free Response grading
    Recalculate exams
    Detailed Reports
    Real Time attendance Report
    Ranking Report
    Report by Group or section
    Per question report
    Disable self registration
    SSO support (Google)
    Personalization and support
    Custom name and logo
    Custom subdomain
    Custom terms
    Custom social channels
    Custom GTM Tag
    Platform Language
    Data Exportation & API
    LTI 1.3 Launch support
    Export exam reports
    Support and Training
    Online and Personalized support
    Online and Personalized

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • The Solo plan is designed for individual teachers and offers essential functionalities and specific usage caps at an affordable rate. It's perfect for testing our platform as well. On the other hand, the Group plan caters to more teachers, providing higher limits. Lastly, the Flexi plan is our custom solution, tailored to your unique needs, be it one teacher or any number of teachers. We've got you covered whether you're after special features or integrations. All our plans allow for seamless upgrades. We recommend our Solo plan for one teacher and Group for up to 10 teachers.

    • The Solo plan is an affordable way to try DoExam services with a monthly subscription that can be canceled anytime.

    • All plans include extensive online support and training resources. Selecting the Flexi plan unlocks personalized support and training tailored to your individual needs.

    • Absolutely! All plans support versatile exam creation with diverse question types, multimedia elements, and LTR/RTL texts.

    • Yes, Exporting detailed exam reports is a standard feature in all DoExam subscription plans, facilitating a simple analysis and record-keeping process.

    • Yes, DoExam plans offer the flexibility to set time limits for exams or specific sections, tailoring exams to your needs.

    • Certainly! All plans can be customized with your logo, name, and branding.

    • The Flexi plan offers the flexibility to adopt any language, making it suitable for a global audience. Solo and Group plans currently only support English.

    • To choose the right exam solution, it's essential to consider your needs in terms of the number of exams, users, and participants. If you're an individual educator, Solo would be an excellent fit for you. If you're part of a group of up to 10 instructors, Group would be the best option. For a more customized solution, Flexi would be ideal. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further advice tailored to your specific needs.

    • Feel free to contact us if you require more than what our Group plan offers. We can create a personalized Flexi plan that precisely suits your needs.

    • As an admin, you have the ability to add or remove individuals from your DoExam instance. You can request a complete deletion of your DoExam profile by contacting our support team. This will ensure that all data associated with your account is securely erased.

    • The DoExam Flexi plan provides personalized support options, including one-on-one and in-person training sessions, web training, and dedicated support tailored to your needs.

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