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  • Teachers Know Best

    As educators and EdTech teams at Notion Wave company, we understand what teachers need. All our products are, in one way or another, related to online education and learning. Our exam system's journey started a few years ago. The first product was for countries with large-scale national entrance/exit exams. We have spent many years perfecting and enhancing our technologies as well as our performance. Many thousands of students, teachers, councilors, schools, and many more parents have experienced our systems.

    Teachers know best

    Global Reach, Collaborative Spirit

    First was LERNiTO

    It started with LERNiTO. A cutting-edge and modern exam system was built for national university entrance exam preparation as well as high and intermediate school assessments. We then added a proprietary question bank with thousands of multiple-choice questions and solutions, organized based on the K12 subject tree and adaptable to various international curricula.

    Then Came DoExam

    We designed DoExam using our long years of experience. It is a modern system meant to be teachers' go-to for any type of exam. We believe teachers know best. So, instead of adding many extra features to take control out of their hands, we decided to make them central to the system. DoExam makes building exams and assessments a pleasant experience.

    Time for AI

    Our team is pretty strong in artificial intelligence and its impact on learning products. We have already introduced an AI question generator as a standard part of DoExam, but this is just the beginning. As more mature products and solutions enter the scene, we will ensure our teachers take advantage of opportunities.

    Our Vision

    We believe teachers are the best exam makers. We want DoExam to be the next best so teachers can focus on what happens after an exam.

    Our Mission

    To provide diverse exam formats, source questions from various educational contents, offer a flexible grouping of students, deliver insightful reports contributing to the learning and teaching process, and ensure seamless integration with other systems.

    Our Values

    We are a diverse and inclusive community of educators and tekkies. We believe in values that teachers have brought into our lives and want to give back. We cherish our achievements and learn from our mistakes. We care.

    Your Experience Counts

    Partner with Us

    Partner with Us

    DoExam values teachers' and educators' roles in its journey. We invite you to reach out to see how you wish to help by suggesting new features, testing added ones, and even helping us spread the word and be rewarded.